Walt Disney World Costume Policies and Guidelines

All guests attending events at Walt Disney World — including adults — may dress in their favorite costume. Guests under 14 may also wear certain special attire during regular park days. There are some policies and guidelines that must be followed. Here they are:

Walt Disney World Costume Guidelines

Event Costume Guidelines at Walt Disney World

Costumes should be child-friendly and may not be obstructive, offensive or violent. Layered costumes or costume props that surround the entire body are strongly discouraged and may be subject to additional security screening.

Our interpretation: Keep it family-friendly. If your costume will obstruct walkways, pick something else. You can’t wear an outfit that will take up more than your fair share of space. You know what is it offensive; don’t bring it to Walt Disney World. If you are hell-bent on wearing a costume that exudes horror, you may want to skip Disney and go to Universal.

Guests 13 and under may wear masks. However, masks must not obstruct vision and eyes must be visible at all times. Guests 14 and over may not wear masks.

Our interpretation: There are masks and then.. there are masks. If you want to be Orange Bird but your head doesn’t show your eyes, that’s not going to work. Basically, the mask can not cover the entire face.

Guests who dress like Disney Characters may not pose for pictures or sign autographs for other Guests.

Our interpretation: This is not your chance to be your favorite park character. If you want to be a character greeting park guests, Walt Disney World has a Casting Center. You may dress like Cinderella, but, you are not THE Cinderella. (Confession: I’ve always wanted to be Cinderella.)

Costumes may not reach or drag on the ground. For ages 14 and older, capes may be worn if the length does not go below the waist.

Our interpretation: Again, don’t be obstructive. You don’t want to trip another guest, a Cast Member, or cause yourself to fall down. Keep it safe. While some Disney princesses have beautiful gowns and flowing robes, your costume must not drag. After all, those real princesses have a lot of help. It’s a bummer but your cape must be kept short.

Costumes should not contain sharp objects, pointed objects or materials that may accidentally strike another Guest.

Our interpretation: Yep, this is another warning to keep it safe. Pirates like their swords but this may not be the time to swing your cutlass in the air. Be careful of those lightsabers, too; be a responsible Jedi.

If Disney sells it in their stores, then you’re likely okay to bring it. Here’s an example of a pirate hook and other pirate accessories:

Pirates of the Caribbean Toys
Be a Pirate!

Costumes should not contain any weapons which resemble or could easily be mistaken for an actual weapon.

Our interpretation: More safety tips here. Yes, pirates like their guns too. Does your weapon look real? Then, don’t bring it. Unfortunately, we are living in a time when security at Walt Disney World must be taken seriously.

Guests who do not adhere to these guidelines may be refused entry into the event unless his or her costume can be modified to meet the above standards.

Our interpretation: If you bring a real looking weapon, you’ll be asked to leave it behind. If you refuse, you’ll be refused entry. If you wear a tshirt with an offensive saying and refuse to change or cover up, you’ll be refused entry. If your mask covers your eyes and you refuse to fix the problem, you’ll be refused entry. Okay, you get it. 😉

Acceptable Items include:

  • Themed T-shirts, blouses, sweatshirts, and hats.
  • Accessories such as transparent wings, plastic light sabers, toy swords, and tutus.
  • Headwear may be worn as long as it does not cover the face.

Regular Park Days – Walt Disney World Attire Guidelines

When visiting the Walt Disney World parks, there are some guidelines for regular attire as well as costumes.

Specifically, costumes may not be worn by guests 14 years of age or older. No mask can be worn by any guest 14 and older unless it is for a medical reason. Again, no obscene language or graphics. Keep it family friendly. Clothing must not be excessively torn. Don’t show too much skin. Bulky outfits such as clothing with multiple layers are subject to search. Tattoos are cool but don’t show off any non-family friendly tats.

If you have first-hand experience adhering to a Walt Disney World costume guideline, let us know.

Updated October 14, 2017.